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Xenagos Solo
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R$ 146,30
66 visualizações
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Criaturas (33)
16   Ecstatic Piper 1,90
2   Maddened Oread 0,00
4   Pheres-Band Revelers 1,90
6   Rollicking Throng 1,90
2   Serpent Dancers 0,00
2   Wild Maenads 0,00
1   Xenagos Ascended 0,00
Mágicas (23)
7   Impulsive Charge 5,70
2   Impulsive Destruction 0,00
4   Impulsive Return 4,75
2   Rip to Pieces 0,00
3   Xenagos's Scorn 4,75
5   Xenagos's Strike 4,75
Encantamentos (4)
2   Dance of Flame 0,00
2   Dance of Panic 0,00
60 cards total
Descrição / Comentários
You start with up to three different Hero cards on the battlefield. (You don't need a Hero to play.)
You attack Xenagos Ascended and the Revellers directly with your creatures. Any number of creatures can attack a single Reveler
You may target Xenagos Ascended, as though it were a player.
Xenagos Ascended and two cards named Rollicking Throng begin the game on the Battlefield. Shuffle the rest of Xenagos's deck to begin the game.
At the beginning of Xenagos' main phase each turn, reveal the top two cards of the Xenagos's library. Then Xenagos casts those cards.
Xenagos Ascended and reveler creatures don't attack unless the card specifically says they do.
You make the choice if Xenagos needs to make a decision.
Ignore effects that would cause Xenagos to draw or discard cards, or perform any other impossible actions.
If one of Xenagos's pemanents would go to any zone other than his library or graveyard, that card is put into Xenagos' graveyard.
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