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[Dúvida] Checklist Cards
 [Dúvida] Checklist Cards

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Pessoal, minha dúvida é em relação às checklist cards:

Dúvida: É possível substituir um Delver of Secrets no deck por uma ficha com fundo do Magic que o represente ou deve, necessariamente, ser a checklist card dele (da foto acima)?

- Acontece que não tenho essa checklist card e meu shield é branco -.-" Aceito doações hahaha.

O que encontrei sobre as checklist cards:

711.9. Players must ensure that double-faced cards in hidden zones are indistinguishable from other cards in the same zone. To do this, the owner of a double-faced card may use completely opaque card sleeves or substitute a checklist card. Sanctioned tournaments have additional rules for playing with double-faced cards. See rule 100.6.
711.9a If a checklist card is used, the double-faced card it represents must be set aside prior to the beginning of the game (see rule 103.1a) and must be available throughout the game. A checklist card can't be included in a deck unless it is representing a double-faced card.
711.9b The face of each checklist card is divided into sections. Each section lists the name and mana cost of each double-faced card it could represent and includes a fill-in circle. When using a checklist card, exactly one of the fill-in circles must be marked to denote which double-faced card the checklist card represents.
711.9c For all game purposes, a checklist card is considered to be the double-faced card it's representing. It has that double-faced card's characteristics in all zones.
711.9d As the checklist card enters a public zone, the checklist card should be set aside and the double-faced card used instead. If the checklist card is exiled face down, its identity should continue to be hidden using the face-down checklist card.

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Você pode pedir ao juiz do torneio que providencie um ficha para você substituir.