[Report] PTQ Online *Top8* (vezes 2!)
 [Report] PTQ Online *Top8* (vezes 2!)

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Bom pessoal, eu escrevi um report sobre um dos meus top8 no mol pra ver se conseguia publicar. Infelizmente o LSV não pôde publicá-lo porque eu sou random :( (ele disse que gostou pelo menos, e ia até editar, então tem isso) e eu não ouvi nada do outro site pra quem eu sugeri escrever, então vou postar aqui e em algum outro fórum, possivelmente o do cfb.

De qualquer forma, tá aí. Espero que gostem.

Spoiler: é extenso. TL;DR ensues.

I’m Lucas Horta, a Brazilian you might know better as in5ano on Magic Online. I don’t have much success in paper events other than a top32 at nationals and a day 2 at GP São Paulo, but I recently top8’d back to back PTQs on MTGO with Dark Depths. This will be an extensive report about the last one, with some advice on how to play the deck for those of you who still have PTQs to attend this season.
For reference, here’s the list I ran:

in5ano (5th Place)
Extended PTQ #1043594 on 03/19/2010
Main Deck
60 cards
1 Academy Ruins
4 Dark Depths
2 Island
4 River of Tears
4 Sunken Ruins
2 Swamp
3 Tolaria West
4 Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
4 Dark Confidant
4 Vampire Hexmage
4 Chrome Mox
1 Compulsive Research
1 Engineered Explosives
1 Jace, the Mind Sculptor
4 Muddle the Mixture
2 Repeal
1 Slaughter Pact
2 Smother
2 Sword of the Meek
3 Thirst for Knowledge
3 Thopter Foundry
4 Thoughtseize
1 Chalice of the Void
2 Damnation
3 Deathmark
2 Gatekeeper of Malakir
1 Ghost Quarter
2 Jace, the Mind Sculptor
4 Leyline of the Void

I saw this list in the “dailies” section of magiconline.com, piloted by Louis himself to a 3-1 finish. It was beautiful, I couldn’t change a thing. So on to the report!

Round 1: crispauly – Swans

MODO events are pretty sweet since you can scout all your opponents from round 2 on, but unfortunately I had no idea what my first round opponent was playing, so I had to keep a generic hand. I started off shipping a no lander for 2 River of Tears, Swamp, Tolaria West and Thopter Foundry on the draw. He played a turn one Dakmoor Salvage which made me put him on dredge, so I had no big hopes of winning this one. When he played a Misty Rainforest on turn 2 and just passed, I was a bit confused – was he playing Swans? Anyways, I tried for the turn 2 Thopter Foundry but he had Condescend for it, so yes, he was Swans. He proceeded to play an untapped Steam Vents and casting a Blood Moon. Woops. We played draw go for a while, until he found his 4th land to lay down a chalice for 2. By then I had drawn a couple moxen but not enough colored spells (or repeals) to fetch Engineered Explosives with Tolaria West, so after he cast a Glen-Elendra Archmage, then Meloku, I was clearly out of that game.

I sided: -2 Smother, +2 Jace, The Mind Sculptor

Game two saw me shipping two hands until I was content with Urborg, Thoughtseize, Tolaria West, Chrome Mox and Thirst for Knowledge. I Thoughtseized him on turn one seeing Blood Moon, Chalice of the Void, 2 Jace, Seismic Assault, Scalding Tarn and an Island. I took the Blood Moon. He ripped a Mox, removing Seismic Assault and laying Chalice at 1. We played draw go for a couple turns and when he tried an end of turn Thirst, I had Muddle for it. I cast my Thirst binning a Sword of the Meek and passed with 4 lands in the battlefield, Dark Depths and Sword in hand. Luckily for me, his 4th land drop was Dakmoor Salvage, so no Jace, and passed. I ripped a Dark Confidant and cast it alongside a Sword of the Meek in case he played Extirpates. He cast a Swans of Bryn Argoll and not Jace, so I thought he probably had the Assault. Bob revealed another Bob, I attacked with it and he blocked, giving me two cards. At that point my hand was Chrome Mox, Dark Confidant, Vampire Hexmage and Slaughter Pact. I cast the Hexmage and the Mox, removing Bob, in case I needed to both kill Swans and get away from a Blood Moon. He just played his Jace, fatesealed me and passed. I considered not killing his swans and drawing 20, but I guess winning is better, so I won.

For game 3 I don’t have to mulligan Thoughtseize, River of Tears, Tolaria West, Compulsive Research, Muddle the Mixture, Slaughter Pact and Dark Confidant. He mulligans down to 6. My turn one Thoughtseize reveals Scalding Tarn, Forest, Tolaria West, Jace and Condescend, so I take the Jace. I play a turn 3 Dark Confidant with a mana up, but he Condescends it anyways for one (his third land was a Tolaria West). Scry pays off with a Blood Moon, but my trusty Bobby gives me a Repeal. Unfortunately no colored mana or a 4th land drop, though. He plays his 4th land and lays down Chalice at 2 again, hoping for another lock, but I have the Best Two Drop Evertm to pull me out of it – and that it does – revealing a Chrome Mox and I Compulsive Research into another Mox. He can only play draw go while I’m building infinite card advantage until he plays an Archmage with no blue mana up. He plays a Chrome Mox and when I repeal the Blood Moon in response, he declines to imprint anything on his Mox. On my big turn, I Thoughtseize his Blood Moon (seeing a Condescend – why didn’t he imprint that?), cast Engineered Explosives for zero and blow it, cast Thopter Foundry and transmute for the Sword. He never draws anything relevant and dies to my Thopters.

Round 2: Fakeshaver – Hypergenesis

MTGO sometimes doesn’t keep all of your replays, and that happened to this one, but my story is I made a crucial, game losing mistake. On my turn 3 I had Hexmage and Dark Depths and decided to wait until his end of turn to make the 20/20, fearing Oblivion Ring. He just went for his combo in response with Violent Outburst and destroyed my land with Angel of Despair, then his own lands with the Elephant.

We have interesting things to consider here: by doing this, I also enabled his Demonic Dreads. If he has both O Ring and Violent Outburst, I’m dead anyways. If he has just the O Ring, we get a turn to maybe Thoughtseize them or reassemble our combo. If he has outburst and just one flier, they’re dead. So the optimal play here is just release the 20/20 on our own turn. I promptly facepalmed and proceeded to sideboarding.

I sided: -2 Repeal, 2 Thopter Foundry, 1 Sword of the Meek, 2 Smother, 1 Engineered Explosives for +2 Damnation, Chalice, 2 Jace, 2 Gatekeeper of Malakir, 1 Ghost Quarter

I mulliganed into a sick 6 hand of Tolaria West, Sunken Ruins, Dark Depths, Vampire Hexmage, Chalice and Thopter Foundry. I play Chalice and Foundry on turn two, then combo on turn 3. He couldn’t answer either problem.

On game 3 he goes deep in the tank for about three minutes and finally decides to keep. I take the time to do the same, and keep myself Dark Depths, Thirst for Knowledge, Jace, Chalice, Tolaria West, Dark Confidant and Thoughtseize. I had 19 outs for black sources and plenty of time if he couldn’t answer the Chalice. He has back to back reflecting pools and I see why he thought so much about keeping his. After I go Tolaria West, Dark Depths, Chalice, he probably thinks the same. Fortunately for me, he loses his 3rd land drop and I don’t, so I Thoughtseize his Oblivion Ring after seeing Violent Outburst, Terastodon, Ardent Plea, Angel of Despair, Compulsive Research and Bogardan Hellkite. He still has no 3rd land and I have another River of Tears, coupled with a Thoughtseize I had gotten in my first draw step. I take his freshly drawn Ingot Chewer, cast Dark Confidant and pass. He keeps on losing land drops as do I, and when he does draw one, I have Muddle the Mixture for his Compulsive Research. I finally draw a 4th land to lay Jace down and lock him out, winning with assorted bashing bears (aka plan D).

Round 3: tmoney846 – Hive mind

I have to mulligan a pretty decent hand of Thirst for Knowledge, Chrome Mox, Repeal, Swamp, Thopter Foundry, Smother and Tolaria West due to not doing a damn thing against his combo. My six-card hand is much more interactive with Compulsive Research, Thopter Foundry, Thoughtseize, Muddle the Mixture, Urborg and Island. I Thoughtseize his Hive Mind turn one after not seeing anything relevant other than a Spell Snare and we play draw go for a while. On turn 3 I rip another Thoughtseize to protect my Dark Confidant, but he has another Snare now, so I just take his Pact of the Titan instead and pass. We play draw spells in the form of Compulsive Research for me and Ponder for him and at turn 5 he goes for a tapout, simian-enabled Hive Mind. That’s my window to transmute for Vampire Hexmage and cast it. He tries Pact of Negation, but my copy counters his and I have more than enough mana to pay for it and bash him with Marit Lage.

I sided: -2 Smother, 1 Slaughter Pact, 1 Thopter Foundry for +1 Chalice of the Void, 2 Jace the Mindsculptor and a Ghost Quarter. In case you don’t know, Chalice won’t stop their combo. I have it in for one, to counter Repeal, Serum Visions, Ponder and Rite of Flame.

I mulligan to a six of Chrome Mox, 2 Swamp, Island, River of Tears and Muddle. I should have mulliganed to 5. He has a couple Serum Visions while I go turn 3 Jace, imprinting Muddle on Chrome Mox. He bolts it down. I Thoughtseize him and see, among other things, Hive Mind and both colors of pacts. I took the Hive Mind. I started thinking about it and it made no sense to take the red pact, since he probably has 6 pacts left (not counting Tolaria Wests) but only 3 Hive Minds. A turn later, I transmute Muddle for Vampire Hexmage, but he had ripped a Spell Snare. Then on his next turn a second Hive Mind. Nice draw.

On game 3 I keep Academy Ruins, Sunken Ruins, 2 Jace, Urborg, Dark Confidant and River of Tears. I go turn two Bob and he bolts it, but is stalled on just a land. That lets me play an unharmed Jace on turn 4 to lock him out of the game.

Round 4: Sphynxx – BW Pox

At least that’s what I assumed from watching his replays. Never saw a Smallpox, but he had all the other card such a deck would run. I kept Swamp, River of Tears, Engineered Explosives, Tolaria West, Slaughter Pact, Dark Confidant and Thirst for Knowledge. My turn 2 Bob meets his turn 2 kicked Gatekeeper (off a Mox imprinting Stoneforge Mystic and a filter land). He plays a couple of Kitchen Finks and I have to decide which combo to go for with Muddle, as I have both Dark Depths and Thopter Foundry in hand. He’s not likely to have any main deck answers to the tokens, so I go for that. He manages to drop me down to 3 with a Sword of Light and Shadow, but by the time he draws a Stoneforge Mystic for the good Sword, it’s too late.

I’m unsure of what I sided against him, but it was probably -2 Repeal, 1 Slaughter Pact, 1 Vampire Hexmage, 1 Dark Depths for + 2 Jace, 2 Gatekeeper and a Damnation, to take care of opposing bobs I wasn’t even sure he had. The Marit Lage combo wasn’t that great since they have (or at least I think) paths and smallpoxes.

On game two I keep 2 Mox, Gatekeeper, Tolaria West, River of Tears, Urborg and Dark Confidant. I go for the turn 1 Bob, imprinting the Gatekeeper. I don’t know how many games I’ve lost where I went turn one Bob and they didn’t have an answer for it (except maybe against Zoo), so I felt pretty good. He has a turn 2 Bitterblossom and a turn 3 Augur of Skulls, while I went Compulsive and Thirst, so that Augur was never going to do anything except maybe attacking for 1. And that it did. I ended up drawing into the Marit Lage combo with Damnation in hand, which he seized, I then made the 20/20 anyways and his Blossom became a Forcefield. I Thoughtseized, seeing 2 explosives and ended up drawing one of my many outs to his fliers, bashing with the 20/20 on turn 6.

Round 5: HungryHungryHomer – Zoo

I lost my replay for game 1 and unfortunately am unsure of how I lost it, but I know I mulliganed to five and he had a maindeck negate for the win.

I sided -1 Compulsive Research, 1 Thirst for Knowledge, 1 Dark Depths, 1 Vampire Hexmage, 4 Dark Confidant for + 1 Jace, 2 Damnation, 3 Deathmark and 2 Gatekeeper. I think I should’ve kept in a draw spell for one of the swords. Feedback on that is appreciated.

For game 2 I kept Sunken Ruins, Dark Depths, Island, Academy Ruins, 2 Thoughtseize and Damnation. I Thoughtseized his Meddling Mage and Bant Charm on turn two after ripping the Hexmage (I guess that’s why I play the deck). He couldn’t rip an answer in two draw steps and lost.

For the decider, I kept Thirst, Smother, Mox, 2 River of Tears, Urborg and Gatekeeper. He had a turn 2 Meddling Mage for Hexmage which I promptly Smothered, but thinking back I’m not sure I should have, since he would probably try to protect it from gatekeeper by sacrificing some other guy, and gatekeeper trades with that all day long. He ended up just making another Pikula (not. Pikula got robbed.), which I then Gatekeepered away, after drawing Jace. Hey, if he has no pressure, 7 Gatekeeper attacks is all it takes. He played a Tarmogoyf which I bounced, then replayed it plus a treetop. I then bounced Goyf again and transmuted for a Smother, playing a Mox imprinting a Muddle to have mana up to protect Jace. He just replayed Tarmogoyf and a Pridemage. I then Brainstormed into the combo plus a Deathmark (lol hl), killed his Goyf, layed down the combo and passed. He attacked with Pridemage alone and I blocked, then made a 20/20. Remember to do that, so you at least don’t lose your life (or in that case, your Jace) If they have an answer. He had a Bant Charm for that and played a Noble Hierarch. I drew a Deathmark and Brainstormed into Damnation, Land and Foundry. I Deathmarked his Pridemage (which ate my Mox) and played the Foundry. He attacked Jace with Treetop Village and Bant charmed my Smother. It’s about turn 12 and I’m still at 20, so this game should be mine. I still had a muddle, so I transmuted it for sword, with damnation in hand to his 6 lands (1 treetop), noble hierarch and a card. He Pathed away my Gatekeeper, as he was down to 6 life already at this point, but couldn’t answer the Tokens.

Round 6: fivefloors – Ug Faeries

I was pretty happy with keeping 2 Dark Confidant, Thirst, Muddle, Academy Ruins, Mox and Hexmage on the draw, until he Snared the first Bob and Mana Leaked the second. I unfortunately drew Urborg a turn late, so I never really had access to blue mana, and a Vendilion Clique paired with a couple Spellstutters (one just to bash, another countering a Thoughtseize) made short work of me. He even had Threads for my third bob and suspended an Ancestral Visions. How rude.

I sided in a Jace and Chalice for 1 of each Hexmage Dark Depths.

For game 2 I kept River of Tears, Sunken Ruins, Muddle, Compulsive Research, Vampire Hexmage and Dark Depths, leading with Sunken Ruins. That’s a nuance of the deck you want to remember doing, as you might draw a Chrome Mox to power up the turn 2 combo. I ripped a Bob for turn two, which he didn’t Snare. On the next turn I attacked with it and he traded for a Spellstutter Sprite, which let me resolve my combo and pass. I was going to wait a turn since I had muddle and seize in hand, but he thought I had pressed f6 (which passes priority until end of turn) and played a postcombat Damping Matrix. I wasn’t born yesterday so I made a 20/20 and he lost. Fish.

For game 3 I kept Dark Confidant, 2 Thirst, Repeal, Slaughter Pact, River of Tears and Academy Ruins. He leaked my turn 2 Bob and on my turn 3, he cast Vendilion Clique at end of turn. I waited for him to choose whatever (he chose Pact) and Thirsted, discarding Academy ruins and another Thirst, which left me with a Repeal, Thoughtseize Muddle, Vampire Hexmage, Smother and Dark Depths hand. He leaked my freshly drawn Thoughtseize and I passed with 2 lands up. He played a Mutavault and saw his Vendilion Clique get Smothered. I played Urborg and Hexmage with 3 mana up, Repeal and Muddle, both of which he knew I had. He played a Sower, which prompted a 20/20 in response to the trigger. I then drew a 5th land to Repeal it and he complained about me slowrolling it. I mean, I didn’t even tap the other 4 before playing the 5th, so go figure. I was 6-0 and possibly locked for top8.

At that point I was pretty happy to have top8’d back to back online PTQs.

Round 7: oab0119 – Mirror

Game 1 I mulliganed to 6 into 2 Sunken, River of Tears, Chrome Mox, Smother and Compulsive. He didn’t have a lot of action for the first turns, so I went aggro with a turn 2 Hexmage (hl). I Compulsive Researched, he Thirsted, I Seized seeing 2 Jace (nabbing one) and he played his other Jace, which gave him a brainstorm until I attacked him for 2 and killed his Jace with Hexmage, then playing mine. He seized my smother, played a Hexmage for my Jace (I had hid a Bob in the trenches). The next turn he muddled for Smother for Bob, I ripped another Bob, and he exploded it and I played a generic explosives for 2, as I had no more spells in hand, just lands, so rather do it than lose it to his Thoughtseize. The game went on for several turns with both of us doing nothing. I drew a Thopter Foundry but never the Sword and at some point he played Dark Confidant so I had to explode the board away (keeping a token that was smothered later on). If I had kept Thopter Foundry in hand, his Thoughtseizes become useful, food for thought. At some point I drew Hexmage for my dark depths I had laying around and made the brilliant play of another Dark Depths. He, of course, ripped a Hexmage to kill Marit Lage with the legend rule. Pwned. He ended up assembling Thopter/Sword in consecutive turns and I lost.

I sided: +2 Jace, 2 Leyline, 2 Gatekeeper, 1 Ghost Quarter for 3 Dark Depths, 2 Hexmage, 1 Slaughter Pact and 1 Sword of the Meek. I sided like that because he only has one piece of each Foundry and Sword. If he had more, I’d definitely sideboard differently, swapping at least a Repeal for a third Leyline, and maybe the 4th as well. An alternate, better sideboarding plan would involve maxing Hexmages and sideboarding fewer Dark Depths, maybe going down to just 1 of each Thopter piece, since Vampire Hexmages double up as Jace removal, but I wasn’t able to figure that out on the fly and just did what I did.

We both kept sevens, mine being River of Tears, Sunken Ruins, 2 Tolaria West, 2 Thoughtseize and a Mox. I seized his Thopter and Jace in consecutive turns, we played draw go for a while until I played my own Jace. He had academy ruins in play when he transmuted for sword. I Ghost quartered away his academy ruins then transmuted and played my own. We traded smothers for bobs and assembled Thopter/Sword. His only out was probably an Extirpate but he never found it in time.

We were running pretty low in time (5 minutes or so each) so I think I sided out some pieces of the Thopter Foundry combo for more Hexmages and Dark Depths.

Game 3 was uneventful. He resolved a turn 4 Jace which I couldn’t answer (I had a turn 0 Leyline, a Smother and a gatekeeper, but you can’t solve all the problems in the world) and locked me out of the game, eventually getting Jace to 13 loyalty and killing me.

I was still pretty sure I was in, as I was 3rd place when round 8 started, and was paired up against the lonely 7-0. I asked if he would scoop but I had just played his friend, so no.

Round 8: mikeward – Hypergenesis

For game 1 I kept Mox, 2 River of Tears, Sunken Ruins, Bob, Smother and Tolaria West on the draw. Can’t mulligan the turn 1 bob. Obviously I ripped Thoughtseize, so turn 1 Bob had to wait. He had Hypergenesis, Angel of Despair, Progenitus, Fungal Reaches and SSGuide after I took his Compulsive Research. Bob soon followed and he suspended that Hypergenesis he was holding. I transmuted for Dark Depths with Muddle in hand and seized away his Progenitus, leaving him with Angel, SSG and another Fungal Reaches. The next turn saw me transmuting for Hexmage and playing it. I wasn’t committing my mistake again (well, fear of Oblivion Ring) and sacrificed Hexmage when he charged his Reaches at end of turn. He didn’t draw an answer for Marit Lage.

I sided the same as against my other Hypergenesis opponent.

G2 I mulliganed into a pretty decent hand of Thoughtseize, Hexmage, Urborg, Tolaria West, Swamp and Ghost Quarter. He played a Fungal Reaches and I seized away his SSG, seeing Progenitus, Ardent Plea, 2 Violent Outbursts and Hypergenesis. Would you have seized away Progenitus? I had ripped a Bob on that turn. He missed his land drop, I played bob, he played an orchard and passed, bob revealed me another Bob and I had no blue mana to transmute yet, so I just went for the 20/20 when my two Bobs gave me the combo. I Ghost Quartered away his Forbidden orchard and he found a forest, but no 3rd land for his cascade spells.

So that was it. Another Top8 and I was facing, again, a Zoo deck. This one was pretty sweet though, with Lightning Angels, a card I love.


I lost the die roll and mulliganed to 5 (I know right?). Thirst, Bob, Muddle, Pact and Mox on the draw would have to do. He opened with a 1/1 Nacatl and I ripped a Tolaria West. He made his guy a 2/2 and passed with breeding pool and hallowed fountain up. I ripped Academy Ruins, played Mox removing Bob and passed. He played an untapped Steam Vents and I Thirsted when he attacked, fishing for a Bant Charm. I figured if he Bant Charmed it I could safely pact the 3/3 and buy more time to find either combo. The next turn saw me paying for the pact with no land drop and 2 muddles in hand. He proceded to play back to back Knights of the Reliquary while I never drew anything relevant, so I was dead.

I sided the same as against my previous zoo opponent.

I finally kept a 7 of River, Thoughtseize, Damnation, Slaughter Pact, Repeal, Island and Mox. The turn 1 seize revealed Nacatl, Scalding Tarn, Tarmogoyf, Hallowed Fountain, Misty Rainforest, Pridemage and Ancient Grudge. He played Goyf and I Repealed it, he then played Goyf and Noble Hierarch which I Damnationed away, fearing a Negate he had maindeck I had seen before when scouting (It was actually Remand, but I think it still applies). He played a Knight which I Slaughter Pacted, then a Hierarch and a Pridemage, so he had a Grudge and another card in hand. I went for the Hexmage by transmuting Muddle and after blocking his 4/4 Pridemage I made a 20/20 to see it go to Bant Charm. I then ripped another Muddle and cursed myself for not waiting a turn. Would you have? I transmuted for Gatekeeper and he sacrificed his Noble Hierarch to it. He just attacked me with his Pridemage and still had 2 cards in hand, so I ripped another muddle for another gatekeeper and beatdown time it was. He went draw go for a couple turns, only I had 4 power to attack him with, but I was drawing Moxen and extra Urborgs. He Pathed away one of my Gatekeepers, falling to 5 and I drew a Dark Depths to slowly build my very own Marit Lage. He ripped a Knight and put himself to 4, cracking a fetchland. I went draw go in the face of his 6/6. He just passed back fearing my mighty 2/2 and I drew a Deathmark for his knight, but that just meant he could get a Treetop out of it. He attacked me down to 12 with Treetop and Pathed my other 2/2, at 2 life. I drew a Thirst and passed with 9 mana up and 3 counters on Dark Depths. He bashed me down to 9 again, I went deep into the tank and decided not to make the 20/20, thinking maybe that thirst would give me the Thoughtseize or Muddle to secure the win. It didn’t, but it did give me a Smother and a Deathmark. I played a Thopter foundry on my turn, the dead Mox in my hand, deathmarked his 6/6 and passed. He ripped a Goyf and obviously had the path in hand for my 20/20. He didn’t attack with treetop and his only card was that grudge. I drew Sunken Ruins and passed, he bashed with treetop and Goyf, which I Smothered and he ripped yet another Tarmogoyf. At his end of turn I made 2 tokens out of my foundry, since if I played any artifact he could just grudge my foundry in response, so I was in for at least a point of life, as he only had 2 mana up. I drew Jace for Tarmogoyf, attacked him down to 1 (after he grudged my token) and passed. He killed Jace with Treetop, Regrudged my last token, replayed Goyf, passed I and drew an extra extra Urborg.

That left me pretty bummed out, especially since I had “wasted” that damnation on turn 4 and he never had the Negate (actually Remand), but I still think I was right. My hand was pretty good and I just couldn’t afford him having the counter and playing around my Damnation, but 18 Worldwake packs is nowhere near as saucy as a PT spot and $1k.

I did top8 back to back 120+ (128 then 154) players PTQs with no IDs (both at x-1), so that’s quite the confidence boost for my upcoming paper PTQ in 2 weeks.

A word on some cards:

Jace is amazing. Remember Jace and Gatekeeper is pretty sweet engine, so cutting a Sword and a Foundry for a Jace and a Gatekeeper is something I would consider. You even free up 2 sideboard slots, so you could add more Chalices, a Tormod’s, Extirpates or whatever is good for your meta. I don’t recommend running Gerry’s fetchlands and Watery Grave, however, as the life loss and the fewer basics cost me three out of the five games I played before just switching them back to basics and the 4th River.

Echoing truth might be miles better than Into the Roil, but it’s still worse than Repeal. The only situations you might find yourself needing to tutor for a bounce spell is against an opposing Marit Lage or Damping Matrix, but you have enough maindeck answers to the former and you’d side out the Echoing Truth against decks running the latter. As a friend pointed out though, if you expect a lot of Dredge, Bitterblossom and all those decks we don’t see online anymore, it might be pretty sweet to have it instead of one of the Repeals. Also, as Katsuhiro Mori did, you could cut the Slaughter Pact for it, maybe shipping the pact to the board. Don’t cut the Academy Ruins, though. Thopter recursion is too big for the mirror and control matchups.

The minimum number of Deathmarks you want is 3. Zoo is not an easy matchup and it’s the only deck I don’t win over half my matches. Prepare and test against it.

Zoo players: Meddling Mages suck against DDT. Seriously. Pridemages, on the other hand, are a threat by themselves and can kill the foundry or mana screw us, if the situation arrives.

Everyone else: Night of Soul’s Betrayal is probably the best thing there is against DDT, but unfortunately you can’t fit it in any good deck. If you can come up with something that doesn’t die to the rest of the field, go for it, but don’t play the Nicol Bolas deck. Seriously, it was a 21 player PTQ.
And just remember to think about what you could draw before you play your first land. What if you draw a Chrome Mox? What about a combo piece?
DDT is definitely the deck of the season, so be prepared with it or be prepared against it.

I hope you liked reading my article, it was a blast writing it, and I hope to see you again soon.
Lucas Horta
in5ano on MTGO/IRC.

EDIT: Refiz a formatação pra facilitar a leitura :P

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Como disse esses dias... ainda bem que possuo inglês fluente :P

Ler report em português às vezes já cansa, imagine em inglês...

Anyway, parabéns pelo top8.


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gratz man

bom report, e boa sorte no seu ptq =]

S15 Team Fear the Power Motherfucker

KoP Knights of Power \\\\o/

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Excelente report ^^
Só não entendi direito como vc perdeu no top 8 =P

E outra, tl;dr de cu é rola.

Da próxima vez, use o "nemli"

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in5ano tá crescendo como jogador, daqui a pouco vira Lucas Latifúndio.

= D


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não senti o texto "pesado" para dar sono. Nice report, stay forward

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Nossa, que token...perder 2 vezes no top8 soh pode ser ruim...mais um bye aqui em Fortaleza.....

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Este usuário esta na lista de Baloeiros, recomendado não negociar com ele.
Clique aqui para ver o motivo dele estar nesta lista.

parabéns meu brother.

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Valeu todo mundo, menos o Xambin que é um azedo sem mãe.

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Gostei do report. Parabens pelos resultados e continue assim, daqui a pouco alguem zica no top8 ou keepa uma mao ruim e vc acaba levando :D

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Vc tb vai ser bye se jogar.
Meu eterno bye!

Parabens luketessssss!
Top 8 eu e vc easy!


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dahora, litudo...
mandou benzaço, parabens..
faça mais reports.. :D

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velho poe uns paragrafos entre as rodadas pra facilitar a leitura. Tá um bloco gigante demais para entender direito ;)

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ele pode ateh fazer top 8 ...

mais vc nunka ...
vide o nats ..




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Parabéns cara! Belo report, apesar de longo, ficou legal de ler.

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okidoki, tava com preguiça mesmo :P mas não custou nada.


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n gosto d damnation :(

gl nos ptqs q faltam :D

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Parabéns man, quem sabe vc nao alcança a vitória em casa e cala a boca de muita gente...

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Valeu todo mundo, pelos props.

Vejo vocês em Fortaleza :D